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{March 2, 2008}   Need thicker socks!

Well, I found out puddle boots were meant to be worn over regular shoes, not for showing off socks. 😛 

I wore my new boots around to try them out & because it was a warmer, wet, day.  I discovered there’s an odd fold on the tongues of the boots that rubs. :/  I wore a commercial sock–squishy, but not thick, per se. So I have a better idea of what I’m looking for: thick, tall socks (mid-calf at least).

Recommendations for yarns & patterns welcome! 🙂 


{March 1, 2008}   I <3 LYSs!

Lovely Gene Ann’s Yarn Shop had something I never expected to find! Clear Regia boots! These were all the rage when they came out–great for showing off handknit socks, dontcha know. I’ve seen them on the market for $50+! My price, since they don’t make them anymore? $15. She’s got at least 2 more pairs. One’s labels 6, the other is bigger. They definitely run larger than US show sizes. I tried on the 6 and it was HUGE. The size 5 I got is still a bit big, but hey, thick socks!
(click to see bigger)

I also got a lovely new pattern by Plymouth. Jeanee’s the recommended yarn, but there’s limited colors. I eventually settled on a pretty Cestari cotton-wool blend.

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