Knitting is my procrastination tool

{February 7, 2008}   Snowed in!

It snowed like crazy today! The mailman didn’t even make it to us.

My school actually cancelled–which they’d never done before since I’d been there (lots of people are on campus).

So I added a bunch of my magazines to Ravelry (so I can keep track of what I’ve got) and finally finished the body of my Apothecary Raglan. I’m not sure about keeping the bind off as-is. I need it really stretchy (the wide shoulders), but the typical BO loosely looks blah & isn’t very stretchy.  What say you?

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Knitting the sleeves to the last bit of yarn is likely.


{January 30, 2008}   Yummy…

apothecary raglan

This is the start of the Apothecary Raglan from Knits Scene Winter 2007/Spring 2008 in Plymouth Boku coloway 10 (because I’m small).

This colorway is pretty, but the pattern can sometime bring about a clash of colors (I knit the collar on size 6 first, then frogged because it was becoming a train wreck).

et cetera