Knitting is my procrastination tool

This is my page for patterns I designed.

Double Knit Cross Bookmark

Gauge doesn’t matter, but do pick yarns of the same weight.  I used Red Heart SuperSaver.  Not the thinnest yarn, but perfectly acceptable in a standard sized Bible.

I started from the bottom, CO 3 sts of each color (6 sts total; great tutorial for double-knitting here:, video on the May 2nd post), knit until it seemed tall enough, cast on 6 (3 of each color) at the end of the next 2 rows, then when the bar was tall enough, bound off 6 sts (3 of each color) at the beginning the next two rows, then continued the middle until I was satisfied and BO.  The dangly bookmark part was added on later with a crochet hook.


Cindy says:

Can you please let us know how many rows you did until is seemed tall enough? Can you please give us a written pattern for the lovely cross.

I gave away the original bookmark over a decade ago, so I cannot give an exact number. Honestly, it will be based on the your personal row gauge.

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