Knitting is my procrastination tool

{January 23, 2008}   For trade

I’m looking for Noro Silk Garden Lite, colorway 2010, dyelot B.

This is dyelot D (click to view larger).

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I’m looking for an even exchange. When you leave a comment, it won’t be viewable to the public.


{August 22, 2007}   So close!

The blue cami needed 4 skeins + about a yard. :/  For 1…last…strap.  Kind of unmotivated to anchor the last strap. All them ends as needs weaving in! D-:

Craftster is down! D-: Nooo!  Not on send-out day!!!!  Got on this morning, but it was out by mid-afternoon and when I checked again…the fix-time was pushed back. :/

My angel package got there today! 🙂

She loves it!

I’m so happy! 😀

Here what I made:

A swap journal–a cardboard binder covered with fabric and pages I printed out and inserted. swap journal
A knitted toy dragon from Aussie Jean‘s pattern.

And the bottom of a drop spindle I made from a wooden wheel & dowel rod–the image is printed, then decoupaged on.

I made a simple pincushion, but forgot to take pics, and added various non-crafted goodies.


So I was all excited about my books, poring over them, and all…but then I realized that the lace blocking wires I ordered at the same time were no where to be found. 😦

They’ve probably been sent separately, but knitpick’s way of giving tracking numbers is lacking, to say the least.

USPS doesn’t acknowledge its existence until it’s delivered. Worse than usual.

{August 3, 2007}   Must…restrain…self!

There’s a bunch of stuff on sale at Joann and Great deals, but I really shouldn’t be shopping anymore. Stuff is coming in the mail.

The Asian frugality in me says: But it’s such a great deal!!!! (and you know that sense is bordering on insane–one more exclamation point away–Terry Pratchett/Discworld reference)

I believe I have all the supplies I need to make the rest of the Secret Craftster crafts for my designated craftee.

God is good. Yummy Joann Sensations Fever yarn was on sale. Yes, that Asian frugalness used a coupon as an excuse to buy that, swap supplies, and more yarn. What matters is that it’s got the same yummy color & softness of the Dolcetto I collected previously (also on sale, but not online).

I find when I really like a pattern, I designate multiple sets of yarn to make multiple objects from it.

Black Dog’s Beaded Cami modified this way.

Simple Knitted Bodice by Stephanie Japel (aka, Fitted Knits author).

Bayerische socks by Eunny Jang.

The Heere Be Dragone shawl by the amazing Sharon Winsauer, whose Winter Wonderland pattern I also have.

I should wist the yarn I’m lusting after. 😛

Instead of following directions, I’m assembling red dragon my way. Sorry, sewing is not meant to be done with body parts after the thing is stuffed!

red dragon WIP

So this time, I have sewn pieces together, then added the body parts to the flat pieces (the above is deflated, if you look closely–the main body is not stuffed). The feet & arms are stuffed because I can’t seem to seam them unless I have a better idea of the final shape.

red belly WIP
The innards.

Still needs a tail tip, wings, ears–maybe, horn, and a face stitched on.

Dress project stalled by uncooperative secondhand Singer machine. Am using battery-operated mini Rex Sew. Except I was naughty and impatient and worked on my Harry Potter costume before ol’ Singer balked and wouldn’t tighten any stitches, no matter how I fiddled with the tension bar.

Bobbin casings suck. They always give me the most trouble, catching the top thread and doing stupid stuff. I ran out of black thread because of them.

Am going cheap with HP costume. Printed up a Ravenclaw crest from the internet and have..err…pieces of it on dark shirt iron-on paper (I was trying ot be frugal and use up some left-overs. The ornery Dell printer balked and spit out partials). Some creative cutting and ironing, and I think it should pass.

Also adding a wand pocket for the snazzy wand from my last HP swap. 🙂 wand (ran across idea while researching HP stuff).

{July 15, 2007}   I’ve been bad

I think I visited Hobby Lobby about 3x this week. Way more than usual. Hunting around for supplies for my swap angel package and stuff I wanted to try.

Who knew swap angeling was so hard? I think it’s just that I keep forgetting what she doesn’t like, and I’m always forever wanting to got overboard on swap packages.

There’s Star Wars fabrics on sale everywhere around here, it seems. I want to get a bunch of the kiddy-cartoon style fabric (now in clearance bin for $3/yd! :/ I didn’t get it on sale!) Saw some fun ones at Hancock fabrics, too, when I was looking for boning for the swap angel package. I think I got the wrong kind for this dress. Oh well.

First she didn’t like the print on the stuff I picked–which is a shame ’cause it would have been beautiful! Dragonscale/skin like. Now it’s wrong side out, and I’m going to try stenciling. 😦 Boo, so much more boring!

I made a shrinky dink-decorated spindle, but then checked the file I have–no plastic! D’oh! Spindle 2.0 will have permanent marker on it.

No plastic severely cuts down on the addable swap journal I want to make. Might have to just deconstruct a typical one somehow.

There’s a big mess in the tv room. WIPs for this package everywhere, plus some stuff that doesn’t belong to me. and then cover that with dog hair. Dog hair everywhere. If you vacuum, it comes back, because the source lives and sheds still.

{July 13, 2007}   Angeling

I’m a swap angel! 🙂  This means I’m making a package for someone who got flaked on.  It’s for the Dragon Swap. Fun!  Pictures coming soon.

et cetera