Knitting is my procrastination tool

{September 1, 2008}   Project Planning

I was doing some homework avoidance this weekend.  So I played with my Queue on Ravelry.  A queue is where a Raveler can bookmark patterns and yarns and make notes about what to do with them, who to make patterns for, due dates of projects, etc.  One can play with the order, assign yarns to patterns.  Lovely tool.

So I went through my queue, re-prioritizing patterns I’ve got the yarn for.  I’m at about 50.  Not counting the WIPs, patterns I don’t have yarn for, etc.  Not quite beyond my life expectany yet, but pretty bad.  Wants stash & queue busting.


{April 9, 2008}   Rude, Mean People Suck.

Due to someone or some people’s rude, mean comments, MagKnits was taken down.  All the lovely projects’ pictures and charts are missing, though the text is findable.

I’m really sad.  Going through some of my bookmarks to clean them up made me realize how many MagKnits things I’ve bookmarked.  A number of designers are generous and have uploaded new versions of their patterns already, with more promising to get their up soon, but a few of them I really wanted to make are older, with no guarantee of ever being published again. 😦

Mean People Suck; overreactions are no fun either.

{October 31, 2007}   Anti-climactic.

I got my Ravelry invite today after 1 month, 2 days (pretty impressive seeing as how when I first checked, there were 17,297 people in front of me. Yes, I signed up 9/29/07).

I find Ravelry is…slow and only allows flickr pics at the moment. I find flickr annoying. I can’t access the group pics, for example. I’ll have to ask those wiser than I about the process.

{October 1, 2007}   Ditch detoxing.

How detoxing can harm you.

{October 1, 2007}   Tilting at the Tilted Duster

I’ve provisionally cast on for Norah Gaughan’s Tilted Duster (IK Fall 2007).

Ever since I discovered the invisible provisional cast on, I can’t stop using it! Much easier to undo than the crochet provisional cast on!

I’m also working with my new KnitPicks Harmony Option needle tips (US 9). They work nicely & the join is unnoticable. The dye job on the needs isn’t as good. Most of the red didn’t take.

My yarn is Cascade 220 in 9430 (a medium green).

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