Knitting is my procrastination tool

{November 2, 2008}   Borders is made of win!

I take surveys & redeem the points I get for 2 things each year: Blockbuster rentals and Borders Bucks.  It used to be that they’d parcel out the Borders Bucks $5 over 3 months.  This time, I got $15 all at once. 🙂  And there was a 40% off coupon that came in my e-mail this week.  Thus, I have Together or Separate coming to me for the cost of shipping.  This is why Borders is made of win. 🙂


{September 1, 2008}   Project Planning

I was doing some homework avoidance this weekend.  So I played with my Queue on Ravelry.  A queue is where a Raveler can bookmark patterns and yarns and make notes about what to do with them, who to make patterns for, due dates of projects, etc.  One can play with the order, assign yarns to patterns.  Lovely tool.

So I went through my queue, re-prioritizing patterns I’ve got the yarn for.  I’m at about 50.  Not counting the WIPs, patterns I don’t have yarn for, etc.  Not quite beyond my life expectany yet, but pretty bad.  Wants stash & queue busting.

{April 9, 2008}   Rude, Mean People Suck.

Due to someone or some people’s rude, mean comments, MagKnits was taken down.  All the lovely projects’ pictures and charts are missing, though the text is findable.

I’m really sad.  Going through some of my bookmarks to clean them up made me realize how many MagKnits things I’ve bookmarked.  A number of designers are generous and have uploaded new versions of their patterns already, with more promising to get their up soon, but a few of them I really wanted to make are older, with no guarantee of ever being published again. 😦

Mean People Suck; overreactions are no fun either.

…is wrong!

All the very cool new stuff is still coming from designers heads through yarn companies and LYSs. 🙂

Take the oh-so-cute Lace Cabled Pullover by Plymouth. Yesterday I found the very cute Felice V-Neck pattern in the Needful Yarns 305 book! Yes, I saw a knit-up sample of each at an LYS and got these patterns. 🙂

Is excited. The Felice is uber-cute and combined cables, intarsia, and color. I may have found a use for that odd Noro Kureyon I have in my stash. I haven’t decided yet. Only photo of Felice on the ‘net is in a fellow Raveler’s flickr.

{January 25, 2008}   FYI

Annie Modesitt announced on her blog that she is preparing the Sideways Spencer for sale on her website! 🙂   I know people have been looking for this pattern. Patience pays off! 🙂 (and it’s certainly more fun to pay a reasonable 1 digit fee than the $30+ craziness for the original magazine I’ve seen on ebay!

It’s kind of sad that Interweave has made yet another whack move with the Reader’s Choice patterns. I thought the top 10 would be put in a new book for sale! They keep renegging on what they’re going to do. 😦 4 months of limited access? Boo!

Also frustrating to learn that they hadn’t even consulted the designers when they started, so what is voted for might not be accessible anyway.

{December 23, 2007}   Knitting Fever offers downloads.

Y’all know I’m a pattern squirreler.

I discovered Knitting Fever’s download page. Most are PDFs; some are word documents. Some come with nice, professional pictures, others look like they’ve come straight from the designer’s computer, circa 1990.

I like the cute ITV monkey pattern. It’ll be an adventure getting from completely written out, no schematic directions to end up a 3-D toy.

{November 21, 2007}   Whee!

I have in my small knitting library:

Norsk Strikkedesign!

😀 I got it for a fraction of the price of some crazy sellers online! I’m excited! The patterns are gorgeous, and one of them is close enough to Hanne Falkenberg’s Mermaid, that it’s coming off my wist! 🙂
I’ve finished the front & back of the Sirdar sweater I’m working on. (I don’t have a pic of the finished product to reference–I don’t even know what pattern I’m using!)

{November 11, 2007}   Meh.

Joann only stocks about 5 Patons SWS colorways right now. :/ They’re too busy trying to sell off the Joann’s line yarns to restock, apparently!

Then I went through the rather messy book section. Found Veronik Avery’s new book, Knitting Classic Style.  Her style is not my style.  I only like 2 of the patterns, and they were tank top types.

{October 17, 2007}   Vote!

Interweave Knits has finally opened the polls for the Reader’s Choice Best of Interweave Knits!
Vote for any pattern not already published in the Best of Interweave Knits book (there’s link for the Table of contents) as many times as you want until December 15, 2007. All you need to know is the pattern name and the season & year it was published.

The top 10 will be announced in January 2008, and the top 5 will be made available FREE on in Spring 2008!

I’ve voted for the Sideways Spencer Fall 2004, Venezia Pullover Winter 2006, Caftan Pullover Spring 2006, Rambling Rose Cardigan Winter 2006, Tweedy Aran Cardigan Winter 2001/2002, Tangled Yoke Cardigan Fall 2007, and am open to voting for more. 🙂


I wasn’t happy with how the SKB was turning out on US 6s in Red Heart, so it’s been reverted to center-pull balls. Haven’t decided if I’ll reknit it in that pattern or another. In the meantime, I’ve begun the SKB in Joann’s Sensations Dolcetto (discontinued, but on sale for $5 if your Joann has it) and Fever (discontinued, but if your Joann has it in the clearance section, it’s $3.17 a hank) cream and cream w/ beads. It’ll be very yummy when it’s done!

Bound off the skirt of the tilted duster and began on the collar (yes, still sleeveless). Have decided the recommendation of 5 inches is not going to work. Sorry, I’m just not that big. Will frog back to add buttonholes (FYI, randomly creating button holes before you have buttons is just asking for trouble). Collar will likely be only 3 inches. Really want to do a seed stitch edge. Skirt curls. 😦

{October 14, 2007}   Working….

Just atteched my 3rd ball of Cascade 220. Didn’t quite make it to rep. 9 on the skirt.

Began the foot repeats on my second bayerische sock.

Am eager to get these out of the way to start snowflake socks from Interweave Fall 2007.

Borrowed Knitting Around the World from Threads and Traditional Fair Isle Knitting by Sheila MacGregor from the library to make a tam similar to this one on Craftster.

et cetera