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As a consumer, I don’t like being ripped off or treated badly. You probably don’t either. This is my page of shame for real life and online places.

Ernie’s Auto on W. Colfax St. in Palatine, IL – this auto business does NOT know their stuff! I nearly had an accident on a major highway after their mechanic incorrectly rotated my tires! They offered no apologies, only a dismissive excuse. I reported them to the Better Business Bureau.

Walmart. Especially their Lube Express Tire sections. They’re rude! The second time I came back to insist they replace the battery, as was in my warranty, I got yelled at for it! – they shipped my half my books to the right place. The other half got sent to the wrong address, and they disavow any responsibility. I have had to go after them through my credit card company. Their customer service department needs a lot of help. I got an e-mail from them 23 days after my first inquiry about my missing books–they’re still asking that I “return the books” for a refund or replacement! “Satisfaction guaranteed”? I think not! If you’ve got a problem with–skip their e-mail system. Call them! “24 hours a day and seven days a week. Our toll-free phone number is 1-800-800-0800 (Press Option #3)”–sketchy that this business doesn’t list their phone number as part of their contact info for customer service.

Any online businesses, ebay users, buyers, or merchants with the contact info,,,,,, or Alexis Callaghan from PA–all these addresses are connected to the same fraudulent seller.  You will find online records for closed ebay accounts, mail fraud, and bad trader lists for various items.  Money is taken and no goods sent or echecks sent, then cancelled once your item is confirmed as sent.


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