Knitting is my procrastination tool

{January 27, 2009}   Hat’s done!
Wealey Twins' hat

Weasley Twins' hat from Harry Potter movies 3 & 4. Pattern from

Hat is done! Cute & warm. 🙂


{January 24, 2009}   I need me a good finishing movie.

I have a number of knitting projects that need to be finished.  I need a recommendation for a good movie to watch.  Scintillating dialogue, fantasy okay, but unrealistic, not so much.  I like the Hellboy movies, Monster’s Inc., 10 Things Hate About You, Princess Bride, Ever After (funny, little bit of romance).  I’ve run into a string of bad movie rentals/movies on TV lately, which include the newest Indiana Jones, Day After Tomorrow, Jewel of the Nile….

{January 22, 2009}   The Weasley Twins’ Ski Hat

Based on this pattern, I’m making a hat, but not with duplicate stitch.  Oh, no, I’ve got to do it the easy/hard way.  Easier because it’s faster stranding everything than duplicate st (which is basically sewing).  Harder because you don’t typically make stranding in reverse stockinette stitch or all purls.  And I’m hemming the brim into place because it’s easier and hides the stray floats on the wrong side.

Did I mention this is in blue and sparkly white yarn? 🙂

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