Knitting is my procrastination tool

{August 25, 2008}   I’ve been good.

I went back to the Stitches Midwest Market yesterday & stayed within my budget. Yea!

I only bought the super-detailed Bee Fields pattern. Seriously, I was handed this big fat packet, and asked, so are there multiple copies of the pattern here? ‘No, that’s just one.’ Wow. Written directions & charts! It’s very cool in person. I think I spotted another I’d be interested in, but there’s so much to see at Stitches, it’s hard to remember!
Oh, and I got a few freebie buttons that I’ll probably use with my Tilted Duster. 🙂

Made more progress with the Lopi pattern, also by Norah Gaughan. The body is on waste yarn, and I’ve started on a sleeve. I’m so excited by how this is working out perfectly! Apparently while discussing Soxx Appeal, someone mentioned me and my sweater. LOL People apparently don’t believe a person like me exists. I’m smaller than Saadia, yes. I’m shorter. I ❤ Soxx Appeal.


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