Knitting is my procrastination tool

{August 25, 2008}   I’ve been good.

I went back to the Stitches Midwest Market yesterday & stayed within my budget. Yea!

I only bought the super-detailed Bee Fields pattern. Seriously, I was handed this big fat packet, and asked, so are there multiple copies of the pattern here? ‘No, that’s just one.’ Wow. Written directions & charts! It’s very cool in person. I think I spotted another I’d be interested in, but there’s so much to see at Stitches, it’s hard to remember!
Oh, and I got a few freebie buttons that I’ll probably use with my Tilted Duster. 🙂

Made more progress with the Lopi pattern, also by Norah Gaughan. The body is on waste yarn, and I’ve started on a sleeve. I’m so excited by how this is working out perfectly! Apparently while discussing Soxx Appeal, someone mentioned me and my sweater. LOL People apparently don’t believe a person like me exists. I’m smaller than Saadia, yes. I’m shorter. I ❤ Soxx Appeal.


{August 23, 2008}   Stitches Midwest ’08!

Stitches, if you didn’t know, is this big knitter’s convention that happens throughout the year in a few different places (there’s Stitches East, West, and Midwest).

You can take classes, go to banquets, or be like me and just go to the Market to oggle and more than likely buy yarn, notions, books, patterns, and other knitter stuff galore. 🙂

I visited my LYS, Gene Ann’s, of course. They didn’t bring all of their stock, but some is for sale at 50% off. Their new thing is their recyclable bag and a newly designed T-shirt logo. (The bags were serviceable white paper ones before. Actually, that was my main BYOB 😛 ).

Then I went to see fellow Raveler, Creatively Dyed Yarn. She saw the Ravelymics Bob pin I had (50% goes to Special Olympics, how cool is that?), and immediately gave me a Hello, My name is… Ravelry pin. Alas, I’ve smeared the marker. I restrained myself at her booth to 1 skein of sock yarn. Might go back for another pretty colorway.

Did lots of scoping, but am disappointed that most of the yarn sponsors did not bring samples of their yarn! There’s so much stuff I want to see in person! 😦 Only ONE vendor had Cascade 220 Superwash, and in limited colors at that. No one brought Berroco Love It. There wasn’t any Malabrigo in Indiecita.

I was hoping to find a wash & dryable yarn for a pattern, but ended up getting a light alpaca and some really yummy blue yarn that was on sale (lots for cheap, yea!).

I was pooped by 2:30pm (I think I arrived around noon), so I sat with some knitters in the cafeteria-style area (round tables, comfy chairs; ridiculous concession prices, but thankfully, no additional tax to them!)

I met people from IN, WI, and central IL. One lady I met invented a swift that Rick Mondragon (Knitter’s Magazine editor) was really excited about. I didn’t see it in action, but it looks intriguing and gets really small when put away. Look for a review in an upcoming Knitter’s.

I worked a bit more on my Norah Gaughan sweater. (er, the other Norah Gaughan sweater.)

{August 17, 2008}   Olympic Aid

Watching the Olympics helps get knitting done. 🙂

I finished my Tailored Scallops Jacket from Lace Style. 🙂

About halfway through the Laced-Edged Corset from the same book, and started on the Lily of the Valley Shawl from there, too.

{August 17, 2008}   The hazards of KIP

So my grandma and one of my aunts were in town. I spent the day with them and my mom and sister sight-seeing–sort of. It was mostly wandering. We got 1 museum (and not a good one) in and spent way too much time walking and on trolleys/buses.

Anticipating the time that would be spent sitting, I brought along a WIP (Tailored Scallops Jacket). My sister asked what it was going to be. I just pulled out the book and showed her. Then my relatives take notice. And request presents from the book. 😛

This immediately leads to questions about my modified Beaded cami that I was wearing.

So now I’ve been commissioned to knit a shawl, shrug and tank top.

One really ought to be done before Sept. 4, when my grandmother leaves the country (and to save me a lot of headache mailing it halfway around the world in another language with no guarantees of delivery). The others can be taken at a slower pace. At least I got some decent money for my commissions. 🙂

et cetera