Knitting is my procrastination tool

{May 18, 2008}   Rovaniemi?

So Queenoftroy mentions this technique I’ve never heard of for using the crochet yarn and thread I got at the garage sale.

But my computer’s monitor backlight is dead, so i must use the TV as my screen, but there’s this slight interface problem. 😦  I can’t read text too clearly unless it’s huge, and of course the blogs about this technique are long.

As much as I love learning new techniques, I can’t right now! 😦

Me need to sell stuff & save money for new laptop or expensive & probably not worth it repair (unfortunately, they’re nearly a requirement for school).  Alas, monitors are not portable.


{May 17, 2008}   Woo-hoo!

I’ve been garage selling. And today I went to another garage sale on a tip. There’s yarn over there. 🙂

So, of course I had to check it out.

I came back with…

garage sale yarn

The lady who owned this (she passed away), was a needlepoint person. I figure these small amounts will be great for stranded knitting. :

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{May 3, 2008}   Winner declared-yarn raffle

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