Knitting is my procrastination tool

{April 21, 2008}   53 Million+ American Women…

know how to knit & crochet. But that’s a stat from 2004. Consider that the majority of Ravelers learned to knit & crochet in 2006-2007, this number must be bigger. Then add in the men & non-Americans…. 😀 We’re taking over.


{April 21, 2008}   Give & Get The more words you get right, the more is donated. 🙂 You get second chances, and some vocabulary is repeated. 🙂 What a way to give & learn!

{April 9, 2008}   Rude, Mean People Suck.

Due to someone or some people’s rude, mean comments, MagKnits was taken down.  All the lovely projects’ pictures and charts are missing, though the text is findable.

I’m really sad.  Going through some of my bookmarks to clean them up made me realize how many MagKnits things I’ve bookmarked.  A number of designers are generous and have uploaded new versions of their patterns already, with more promising to get their up soon, but a few of them I really wanted to make are older, with no guarantee of ever being published again. 😦

Mean People Suck; overreactions are no fun either.

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