Knitting is my procrastination tool

{February 23, 2008}   Fingerless gloves

I’m making lots of these. 3 more pairs begun.


{February 8, 2008}   Public Service Announcement

If you have a Yahoo account, do not join anything advertising Grouply. It is a phishing scam. It is an e-mail and password hi-jacker for spamming. Basically it will take your account e-mail and password to gather the info of other members of your yahoo group(s) and and spam them. Yahoo is aware of this and will refuse any new accounts using Grouply.

One major problem with grouply is that is makes members only posts publicly available when they should not be–prior to moderator approval of that member.  This means e-mail addresses and info written in a group that should be members only suddenly become public–try it searching.  You will find you can suddenly read a bunch of posts that you shouldn’t be able to.  This how spam gets spread–bots snap up info publicly available.

{February 7, 2008}   Snowed in!

It snowed like crazy today! The mailman didn’t even make it to us.

My school actually cancelled–which they’d never done before since I’d been there (lots of people are on campus).

So I added a bunch of my magazines to Ravelry (so I can keep track of what I’ve got) and finally finished the body of my Apothecary Raglan. I’m not sure about keeping the bind off as-is. I need it really stretchy (the wide shoulders), but the typical BO loosely looks blah & isn’t very stretchy.  What say you?

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Knitting the sleeves to the last bit of yarn is likely.

et cetera