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{January 23, 2008}   Blessings on the internet

So, an update. šŸ™‚ Sometimes the internet’s way of connecting people astounds me.

I got a very nice e-mail from Kathy Elkin, part-owner at WEBS (it’s a family business), who tracked me down based on clues. šŸ˜› We’re going to try to work things out. This is the kind of service I’d been hearing about WEBS. šŸ™‚ I can only guess that there’s a bit of new year chaos going on, so things haven’t been normal.

Just to clarify, I was only writing to give an honest account about my experience, not to bash this business (Honest-to-God Really Bad Businesses get posted on the Businesses to Avoid page after I’ve tried multiple times to resolve an issue. One is there after a lawsuit for stealing; another for very rude service after multiple tries to fix the problem; yet another for dangerous incompetence–and I had used them before that with no problem; and the 4th for such horrendously awful communication and service problems that I had to resolve it via my credit card company–I take textbook buying seriously). This wasn’t something that upset me; I was just disappointed, & didn’t think a less than $10 perplexing addition to my stash something to fuss over, especially with a clear policy guideline about my options. Because I am able to trade yarn, it’s not a big deal for me to get a different one (Ravelry!).

Old post

Some people love WEBS aka I just got my first, and likely last, order from them.

I placed the order Jan 9. Received an e-mail saying it was ready to ship Jan. 17. It finally arrived today, and it was a let down.

There’s inadequate communication from them. I left a message with their customer service immediately after I got my ‘ready to ship’ e-mail because I couldn’t make heads of tails of what they wrote (who puts a total first, then a shipping price after?). They didn’t call or e-mail me back, so I called again and found my answer from a flesh & blood person (way to check your messages).

Only one of the yarns is what I was hoping for. A different one I wanted from a matching dyelot. Didn’t get it, & it’s noticeably different. The third turns out not to be yarn at all. Not even lace. I should know better–no yardage or gauge info on the website. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it because I can’t return it.

I e-mailed to cancel a pre-order because this kind of shopping is no fun.


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