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{January 30, 2008}   Yummy…

apothecary raglan

This is the start of the Apothecary Raglan from Knits Scene Winter 2007/Spring 2008 in Plymouth Boku coloway 10 (because I’m small).

This colorway is pretty, but the pattern can sometime bring about a clash of colors (I knit the collar on size 6 first, then frogged because it was becoming a train wreck).


{January 27, 2008}   Knitting in fiction

I like to find knitters among the authors I read. The most recent is When I Fall in Love by Lynn Kurland (in her time travel series).

Debbie Macomber has long been known for her knitting references, but I haven’t read many of hers. I read 74 Seaside Avenue (the Cedar Cove series).

{January 25, 2008}   FYI

Annie Modesitt announced on her blog that she is preparing the Sideways Spencer for sale on her website! 🙂   I know people have been looking for this pattern. Patience pays off! 🙂 (and it’s certainly more fun to pay a reasonable 1 digit fee than the $30+ craziness for the original magazine I’ve seen on ebay!

It’s kind of sad that Interweave has made yet another whack move with the Reader’s Choice patterns. I thought the top 10 would be put in a new book for sale! They keep renegging on what they’re going to do. 😦 4 months of limited access? Boo!

Also frustrating to learn that they hadn’t even consulted the designers when they started, so what is voted for might not be accessible anyway.

{January 23, 2008}   For trade

I’m looking for Noro Silk Garden Lite, colorway 2010, dyelot B.

This is dyelot D (click to view larger).

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I’m looking for an even exchange. When you leave a comment, it won’t be viewable to the public.

{January 23, 2008}   Blessings on the internet

So, an update. 🙂 Sometimes the internet’s way of connecting people astounds me.

I got a very nice e-mail from Kathy Elkin, part-owner at WEBS (it’s a family business), who tracked me down based on clues. 😛 We’re going to try to work things out. This is the kind of service I’d been hearing about WEBS. 🙂 I can only guess that there’s a bit of new year chaos going on, so things haven’t been normal.

Just to clarify, I was only writing to give an honest account about my experience, not to bash this business (Honest-to-God Really Bad Businesses get posted on the Businesses to Avoid page after I’ve tried multiple times to resolve an issue. One is there after a lawsuit for stealing; another for very rude service after multiple tries to fix the problem; yet another for dangerous incompetence–and I had used them before that with no problem; and the 4th for such horrendously awful communication and service problems that I had to resolve it via my credit card company–I take textbook buying seriously). This wasn’t something that upset me; I was just disappointed, & didn’t think a less than $10 perplexing addition to my stash something to fuss over, especially with a clear policy guideline about my options. Because I am able to trade yarn, it’s not a big deal for me to get a different one (Ravelry!).

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{January 17, 2008}   It’s snowing out.

School is back in full swing. Lots of homework, another whacky schedule.

I’m trying to finish up the Cestari check board sweater. Time to knit is elusive mid-week.

The Ravelry photo section has been up and down for the last week or so, so here comes an update pic!

I’ve gotten most of 1 sleeve done, but don’t feel like camera wrestling right now. 

{January 14, 2008}   Bummer.

There’s something going around!

I’ve run into a rash of Knit Picks Options problems lately. First, it was discovering a cable had snapped off right below the base. I called customer service, & they sent a replacement set. 🙂 (This cable was 1 year old).

Then one of the cables came off of the join. Okaaay…glue!

This morning, while knitting with my only Harmony set of points, one of them popped off just as I had finished a row! :,( I called again. They should be sending it out soon. 🙂

I’ve added glue, but don’t know if it’ll hold (might experiment with industrial strength glue). As I threaded the loose stitches back onto the cable, the cable popped off the join. 😦 I’m pretty sure this is a different cable than the first one. Glue is my friend, but the fall-apart rash is no fun.

I love knitting with Options when they work, but all these problems with this one set! 😦

{January 12, 2008}   kids sweaters

Finished a couple:

          The Origami Kimono (click to see larger)


The cable front pullover (clickable)


Working on another.  This time, the yarn’s dye’s coming off a bit. :-/  Luckily it washes off easily w/ soap & water, but slightly green hands is no fun.

{January 7, 2008}   Betcha can’t…

top this. It’s too good!

et cetera