Knitting is my procrastination tool

{December 27, 2007}   Yea!

More knittery Xmas gifts!

Knitting Workshop by Elizabeth Zimmermann

Knitting Pattern-A-Day 2008 calendar
(I’m finishing the 2007 one, so I’m happy! I save the ones I like).

A Snapware storage container (methinks it’s the small square one…), which now holds yarn from my ball winder because it’s a great size and had adjustable compartamentalizing boards. 🙂


Finished another swatch with the last of the King Cole Spot On DK yarn. It’s the purty triple twist cable pattern. Must use elsewhere!



{December 23, 2007}   Knitting Fever offers downloads.

Y’all know I’m a pattern squirreler.

I discovered Knitting Fever’s download page. Most are PDFs; some are word documents. Some come with nice, professional pictures, others look like they’ve come straight from the designer’s computer, circa 1990.

I like the cute ITV monkey pattern. It’ll be an adventure getting from completely written out, no schematic directions to end up a 3-D toy.

{December 21, 2007}   Yea!

Christmas is fun. 🙂

I am blessed with a very thoughtful client I got an extremely cute knitting bag with Clover accessories (stitch holders, point protectors, needle & gauge ruler, stitch markers, tapestry needles, stitch counters!!!) AND a big gift card to Michaels! In the words of Homer Simpson: “Woo-hoo!”


I finished the main knitting for the Origami Kimono (knit from cuff to cuff).


Started the Tailored Scallops jacket from Lace Style.


Got a couple of skeins of Queensland Collection Bengali 03 from Tuesday Morning. 🙂 Found the name of 1 mystery yarn.

{December 15, 2007}   Small projects



I’ve gotten a few things done: Southwest Trading Company’s free Tidal Wave Socks, some cable swatches. The top sock is in coloway 1, and the big sock is colorway 3.

I’m now working on a baby/toddler Sacque sweater from a book, I assume. It’s full of errors/bad pattern writing. 😦 Don’t be lazy about checking instructions and editing, people!

{December 11, 2007}   Video

I made a video of myself knitting my odd knitting way. 🙂 Someone on Craftster had asked for tips on knitting faster.

First: practice, practice, practice.

…it’s what you’ve been knitting.

Sometimes, I wonder why people who’ve been knitting for much longer than I (and sometimes almost as long as I’ve been alive) are still missing things from their knitting repertoire. Why do some people wait months or even over a year to move from learning the knit stitch to the purl? I don’t get it.

Peekaboo Cloche finished:
from Lace Style
Done on Us 2 & 4 needles in Reynold Soft Sea Wool (yummy yarn!). This will be seen at Coordinated Colors (my first sample knit, yea!)

{December 4, 2007}   The waiting game.

My first sample knit is on its way. It might arrive today or tomorrow. i wonder what kind of feedback I’ll get. I’ve never had my knitting analyzed by an experienced knitter before (she’s completed some of the Master Knitting level courses from the Knitting Guild Association).

I will likely finish my second sample today or tomorrow, depending on how my homework goes.

et cetera