Knitting is my procrastination tool

{October 20, 2007}   Revvin’ up for Halloween.

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Guess what I’m going to be. 🙂

Using free knitpicks tie pattern. They’ve modified it to make the pattern construction clearer–which I like because the multi-color instructions were a mess! This is a WIP, so it has no backing yet. At the moment, it’s curls like any other stockinette pattern.

This is Red Heart Supersaver in Light Gray and Royal Blue on US3. I cast on fewer sts because of the gauge difference (first rows form the right side of the bottom of the tie). Will likely be making a scarf in case Halloween is cold. Plus Supersaver is so much more yardage for my money!

Light gray is being knit in behind (see resources page. sockp0rn’s link has the technique pages at the bottom).

My proportions are 13 rows for the bigger sections, 2 rows each for the light gray, 3 rows for the blue in between (it just didn’t look right otherwise). you can modify at will. I didn’t copy the ‘official’ ties because that pattern drives me nuts. Simpler PoA trapped bars are just fine with me!


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