Knitting is my procrastination tool

{September 29, 2007}   1 Q done

Well, 1/2 an FO, I suppose, if you count socks as a pair.

I used the universal toe-up pattern by Wendy Johnson to modify Q. So only the top of the toe has red. I had to frog back once because I had guessed at which size would work for me & it was too big. Using the provisional or loop cast on from (scroll down), this project went really fast. 😀

I also modified to get rid of the margin column, so from the ankle, I inc’d to a multiple of 8 (st. pattern). My starting point was actually on the left side of the sock (I used magic loop on 1 circ). It’s actually not so easy to tell where the jogging is. 🙂

I worked the calf decrease chart upside down & just inc’sdas indicated. Worked out nicely. I also didn’t do the third leg repeat because I was afraid of running out of yarn for the 2nd sock (which will be in the reverse colors).

It just happened to work out that the dyelot change was right before the beginning of the charted pattern. If it had been anywhere else, it would have been a much more obvious color difference.

I know, very Christmassy. It was what I had on hand. 🙂


sockpr0n says:

Hey, they’re going to be awesome!! I love the way your heel looks.

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