Knitting is my procrastination tool

{September 28, 2007}   A Q Test

I’m modifying Knitty’s Q with the universal sock pattern from Wendy Johnson with short row toes and heels. It’s been interesting because the measurements in the pattern are almost none of what I need to work the universal toe-up. I swatched & started in the round, then ripped it out because it was too big. As usual, my foot’s just right for the smallest measurements.

I’m currently working with some leftover Cascade Fixation on US 1s as my test before I even think of trying pretty, expensive sock yarn. They’re green & red. The greens are obviously not of the same dyelot, even though they’re the same color number. :/

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Also using my new sheep counter that came with the August issue of
Simply Knitting. It’s a sheep head with the numbers where its eyes are and a clicker on top. 🙂

I shall be venturing into the world of dyeing yarn soon. I have multiple skeins of Cascade Eco Wool and Knitpicks Bare. The Eco will become Knitty’s Trellis, adult size, and the Bare will be painstakingly measured, cut, & dyed to become the Autumn Rose Pullover (since Shetland Spindrift sucks).


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