Knitting is my procrastination tool

{September 10, 2007}   Thank God…!

…for good quality paper & erasers!

I just spent WAY too much time scritching on the Autumn Rose pullover body chart page.

First, I did as Eunny suggested in her e-mail response to me and straight copied the outline to an approximate size smaller. Then, I read on the In Love with Autumn Rose KAL that someone had finished hers. Lo & behold! It was the Shades of Shetland owner, on whose blog I’d first read about the beautiful Autumn Rose. Her latest post on Autumn Rose was to recommend knitting it with zero or negative ease!

Back to the page, lots of erasure, measuring, calculating counting, and more scritching.

I am not built like a Barbie doll. I had broad shoulders, a long torso, and where this will hit me, my hip measurements are narrower than the bust (in actuality, the hips are bigger than my bust measurement, but this is clothing).

So I’ve customized my Autumn Rose pullover guide. I also drew a much high neckline. Sorry, but the cami sticking out does not appeal to me at all.


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