Knitting is my procrastination tool

{August 12, 2007}   Cooperate!

A hitch in the ebayness.  Found out while sorting through the yarn that 2 of them were the wrong weight.  Gah! 😡  First, I couldn’t find the right color, went back, got one of the few left. (They ordered more)  This time, I discovered I couldn’t find one of my exchanges in the right weight!   I hope it comes in by next week! The wrong weight means wonky, ugly spot.

Jamiesons/Simply Shetland, y’all need to find a clearer method of distinguishing between your yarn weights.  LYSs across the country, you need to keep similar-looking yarn weights FAR AWAY from each other like I’d Rather Be Knitting does (they’s smart, but too bad they don’t carry Jamiesons/Simply Shetland).

So, before I’d even finished the pink cami (like, it’s still a tube, not finished) , my sister was asking, “Can I have one?”

Silly girl, didn’t even know what it was going to look like finished! So I showed her. And made her try on my WIP to see what I needs to change to make it fit her. Good thing I took detailed notes.

So I’ve spent much of today trying to get this chambray blue one started in KnitPicks’ wool of the Andes…and re-started…and again.

Grrr! First the cast-on tail length was wrong, then I joined the round twisted, noticed only after I’d started the second repeat–Grr! Then the cast of stitches came undone at the very end because the tail wasn’t long enough; then my stitch count was wrong.

!$#@#@$^ Cooperate, you naughty thing!

2nd time is supposed to go faster, not get more frustrating! So I took a break.

I’m hopeful. I think I’ve got it right this time.

Oh, and my lace blocking wires showed up today. 🙂 I called Knitpicks to check on the yarn order for my sister’s cami (needed match dyelots–dyelots are important to a knitter because non-matching ones can mean an obvious, uuugly, irritating color difference). The lady kindly explained that there’s this weird quirk with sending them out–they are always separately shipped and always seem to show up 3-4 days after a parcel sent out the same day.


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