Knitting is my procrastination tool

{August 9, 2007}   D’oh!

Hasty, hasty. *tsk, tsk* I just found a coupon code for the lovely, lovely Autumn Rose (well, any order over $3) at Nestucca Bay Yarns in the Interweave Knits Fall 2007 issue I picked up from school today.

So, of course! I want to save almost $20. I’m selling what I bought, on the off-chance it’ll be cheaper for an overseas person (book is not readily available outside North America) on ebay.

And while prepping the yarns for sale, I discovered not one, but 2! Skeins of dk weight yarns among them–stinkers! I have to go back yet again to the LYS, Mosaic Yarn Studio, which is quite a hike. :/ (previously, I quested for the right color to replace my wrong-brained thinking–who knew Peat meant a red color? Green’s a natural mistake, right?).

On the flipside, I got a copy of the Sideways Spencer from the out of print, not readily accessible Interweave Knits Fall 2004 (easily-spend-$30-bidding-on-ebay inaccessible). I ❤ Annie Modesitt patterns, but it’s nowhere to be found–I tried the InterLibrayLoan system–no one keeps archives that far back apparently, except for yarn stores! I just had to buy yarn from them. So I have a lovely shade of blue Cascade 220. 🙂 I’d Rather Be Knitting, you’re my hero! 🙂

I’ve begun making a real effort at assigning projects to yarns. Stash organization, if you will. Bad sign when you look at a yarn and think, “why did I get this? Oooh, for that pattern!”

Now, what yarn to assign to the yummy tangled yoke cardigan (another Eunny Jang pattern)? There’s a reason we knitters call it yarn porn.

Organization inspired by discovering “sweater bags” at the Dollar Tree–clear tops–excellent! Much prettier/less space-hogging than cardboard boxes & opaque plastic bags. It resulted in a lot more space! : ) Just in time for the arrival of my Noro Silk Garden Lite (intended for the Dropstitch Lace pattern in Fitted Knits. I have this penchant for trying variegated/multicolor yarns on patterns published in solids. Some patterns do demand solid color, but ooh! When they work…! A couple of people have commented on Craftster that they liked the Simple Knitted Bodice I did in Red Heart TLC Falling Leaves. One of them is making her own in that color right now. *Aww!* :))

I knit a row on my long-neglected bayerische socks–and this time post-it noted which row I was on (HP post-it notes from Target don’t really stick :(–that’s what you get when you don’t release the license to 3M!).

Am nearly done with my Black Dog beaded cami! It might only take 4 skeins of Bernat instead of the 6 everyone kept recommending. They’s obviously bigger than me. Then again, so’s most of the world. Exciting! Doing lots of donning and calculating. I’m literally inches from the armpit bind-offs (knitting in the round)!


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