Knitting is my procrastination tool

{August 7, 2007}   Bad noises….

I got up, eager to finish my Secret Craft.  Had finished the ********** and ******, but suspicious noises from the basement distracted me.

Stepping in a deep puddle worried me.  Then I turned on the light and, to my horror, the basement was flooded. 😦

I ran up the stairs, dried off my feet with a dog towel, and debated what to do.  Then became sane and looked to see if someone else was home.

Then we spent several hours chucking wet boxes, moving stuff to dry ground (most uneven  concrete floor–ever.  It took my sister and I a long time to find a level spot–which we tested with many ping pong balls–for my 55 gallon fish tank).  Lots of shop-vaccing, sweeping water toward the drain with a broom, and setting up extension cords and fans.

Then someone came by to take some stuff that was stored–where else?–in the basement.  Luckily it was all in the part that was dry.
The lawn is covered with things that are drying. LOL

Today is garbage day. :-/

Most of the damage was to empty boxes, but there’s a big TV that will probably never work again, and maybe a painting or two that is going to have a new watermark–if we’re lucky, the bubble wrap did a job it wasn’t intended to.


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