Knitting is my procrastination tool

{August 3, 2007}   Must…restrain…self!

There’s a bunch of stuff on sale at Joann and Great deals, but I really shouldn’t be shopping anymore. Stuff is coming in the mail.

The Asian frugality in me says: But it’s such a great deal!!!! (and you know that sense is bordering on insane–one more exclamation point away–Terry Pratchett/Discworld reference)

I believe I have all the supplies I need to make the rest of the Secret Craftster crafts for my designated craftee.

God is good. Yummy Joann Sensations Fever yarn was on sale. Yes, that Asian frugalness used a coupon as an excuse to buy that, swap supplies, and more yarn. What matters is that it’s got the same yummy color & softness of the Dolcetto I collected previously (also on sale, but not online).

I find when I really like a pattern, I designate multiple sets of yarn to make multiple objects from it.

Black Dog’s Beaded Cami modified this way.

Simple Knitted Bodice by Stephanie Japel (aka, Fitted Knits author).

Bayerische socks by Eunny Jang.

The Heere Be Dragone shawl by the amazing Sharon Winsauer, whose Winter Wonderland pattern I also have.

I should wist the yarn I’m lusting after. 😛


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