Knitting is my procrastination tool

{July 21, 2007}   Ravenclaw…and disappointment

I finished my robes:
ravenclaw robes

Including the trial and error of sleeves again. Borrowed my sister’s rip stitch/seam ripper. Used it often. ‘Cause sometimes I don’t pay attention and forget there is a wrong side to one of my fabrics. 🙂 I need to get myself one of those. (yea! Wists!)

With ghetto Ravenclaw patch printed on dark shirt iron-on paper. It’s actually 2 pieces overlapped because I’m frugal and tried to save paper–the printer objected. LOL Well, I wasn’t going to pay $10 for a patch that might have arrived on time.

Took this, my wand, and my bag from previous HP swap:
HP bag
put on something close to the uniform (wrong colors, oh, well) to Borders. Their Potter Party STUNK. 😦 Boring. Tons of people standing around. Some monotone dude reading off raffle numbers. That was all. I should have gone to Diagon Alley in Oak Park. :,(

Not much effort at dressing up. Saw one attempt at a real robe. One reconned Quidditch outfit. Scarves, glasses with tape, generic witch hats, capes, the occasional Hogwarts tie.

They didn’t even count down to midnight. Someone randomly started a countdown–at 12:02 AM. Sad. I heard that the last release party had high schoolers acting out some scenes and parts.


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