Knitting is my procrastination tool

{July 20, 2007}   The second time around is always faster

Instead of following directions, I’m assembling red dragon my way. Sorry, sewing is not meant to be done with body parts after the thing is stuffed!

red dragon WIP

So this time, I have sewn pieces together, then added the body parts to the flat pieces (the above is deflated, if you look closely–the main body is not stuffed). The feet & arms are stuffed because I can’t seem to seam them unless I have a better idea of the final shape.

red belly WIP
The innards.

Still needs a tail tip, wings, ears–maybe, horn, and a face stitched on.

Dress project stalled by uncooperative secondhand Singer machine. Am using battery-operated mini Rex Sew. Except I was naughty and impatient and worked on my Harry Potter costume before ol’ Singer balked and wouldn’t tighten any stitches, no matter how I fiddled with the tension bar.

Bobbin casings suck. They always give me the most trouble, catching the top thread and doing stupid stuff. I ran out of black thread because of them.

Am going cheap with HP costume. Printed up a Ravenclaw crest from the internet and have..err…pieces of it on dark shirt iron-on paper (I was trying ot be frugal and use up some left-overs. The ornery Dell printer balked and spit out partials). Some creative cutting and ironing, and I think it should pass.

Also adding a wand pocket for the snazzy wand from my last HP swap. 🙂 wand (ran across idea while researching HP stuff).


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