Knitting is my procrastination tool

{July 15, 2007}   I’ve been bad

I think I visited Hobby Lobby about 3x this week. Way more than usual. Hunting around for supplies for my swap angel package and stuff I wanted to try.

Who knew swap angeling was so hard? I think it’s just that I keep forgetting what she doesn’t like, and I’m always forever wanting to got overboard on swap packages.

There’s Star Wars fabrics on sale everywhere around here, it seems. I want to get a bunch of the kiddy-cartoon style fabric (now in clearance bin for $3/yd! :/ I didn’t get it on sale!) Saw some fun ones at Hancock fabrics, too, when I was looking for boning for the swap angel package. I think I got the wrong kind for this dress. Oh well.

First she didn’t like the print on the stuff I picked–which is a shame ’cause it would have been beautiful! Dragonscale/skin like. Now it’s wrong side out, and I’m going to try stenciling. šŸ˜¦ Boo, so much more boring!

I made a shrinky dink-decorated spindle, but then checked the file I have–no plastic! D’oh! Spindle 2.0 will have permanent marker on it.

No plastic severely cuts down on the addable swap journal I want to make. Might have to just deconstruct a typical one somehow.

There’s a big mess in the tv room. WIPs for this package everywhere, plus some stuff that doesn’t belong to me. and then cover that with dog hair. Dog hair everywhere. If you vacuum, it comes back, because the source lives and sheds still.


1120kat says:

How awesome of you to be an angel!! šŸ™‚ I think being an angel would be tough šŸ™‚

My sock yarn has apparently been discontinued…. *pouts* it’s Shi Bui in Jewel….but if you look that up now, it’s super bright colors…not the rich jewel tones that mine is. Also my hank was 350 yard, and now they’re being sold in tiny 191 yard skiens. *stamps foot* I want more, but there’s naught to be had!

Ah well, these socks are for me anyway, so I’m not terribly sad.


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