Knitting is my procrastination tool

*fiddle, fiddle, fiddle*

I’ve received all my packages (I had some fast-crafting partners!), so now I don’t have anyone to craft for if I don’t want to (myself and my sister don’t really count–no deadlines).

I’m venturing into my first swap organization–the Secret Caftster swap. 🙂


{June 24, 2007}   Pictures!




I knit this R2D2 hat from the top-down kind of freehand by looking at pictures and in stead of intarsia or fair isle, I knit in the second color behind the on showing. It’s in Red Heart (100% acrylic) in blue, light gray, red, and black. It took me a long time because compiling good R2D2 pics from different angles isn’t easy!

Other crafty projects:
for the I Love Jesus swap
the rest of the Star Wars swap

{June 9, 2007}   Another swap FO!

Yea! Finished the knit item for the Star Wars swap. Pictures soon! 🙂

{June 1, 2007}   Gallery

Contents of End of Harry Potter Swap 2.0:

dobby socks

side view:

Details of the making can be found by clicking on the individual pics here. Progress pics here

et cetera