Knitting is my procrastination tool

Well stuffed: package. Contents will be revealed soon.

Finished one non-knitting swap project, making progress on another, and the other is about 1/2 done. I’m a swapping fool!


{May 19, 2007}   More done!

🙂 *sigh of happiness*

I like reducing the to do list again! I simplified the job a lot. I don’t know how to duplicate stitch or embroider. Have taken pics and hidden them in a private folder on imagecave.

{May 19, 2007}   Another project done!

Finished knitting for 1 swap project. Now comes the difficult sewing conundrum.

{May 17, 2007}   :)

Revised swap to do list, again. 2 less projects, one less knitting UFO to worry about, getting close to finishing the knitting part of one of those UFOs still on the list.

Went exploring, discovered a LYS (local yarn shop) selling back issues of various magazines for $1! Tax included! Awesome, except they didn’t have everything on my wish list and one of those I had just bought on ebay. It’s going back up for sale when I get it, if in acceptable condition. (FYI, I’m in IL)

I stayed within my budget, but now I want Noro Silk Garden Lite and Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk after touching it at this store…. Didn’t buy any there because it’s expensive there! Maybe I need to put up my miscellaneous Kureyon collection for sale or trade.

{May 14, 2007}   Simple Knitted Bodice


The original called for belled sleeves. About halfway through the increases, I realized it was going to look ridiculous on my skinny arms with this uncooperative yarn (arcylic). So, I made it a more fitted look. Ther other mod was not finishing the neckline in the same way (pattern called for 3 repeats). I did an oopsie and knit about 6 rows of stockinette before realizing the directions weren’t calling for that. Then I reread and discovred I’d picked up and knitted with the wrong size needles. So I finished one purl ridge then changed ot the correct size, then decided I wanted continuity and declared myself done with 2 purl ridges. 🙂

I like.

List is still at 11 UFOs. I started a swap project. 🙂

{May 13, 2007}   Mother’s Day socks

I modified it by using a short-row toe & heel (directions on Wendy Johnson’s blog or Knitty).

List shrinks to 11 WIPs.

{May 11, 2007}   Yarn porn

(click to see larger image)

I found this hank of peace fleece yarn hand dyed by elliebelly that I got a while ago (pre-yarn swift and ball winder) when I did some stash reorganization. All my sock yarns are now in one place. 🙂 This is the Ellie’s Rainbow colorway. (Ellie is apparently a very talented young lady, the daughter of the talented artist who runs elliebelly).

{May 8, 2007}   Changing plans

So, I picked up sewing again. I changed around the swap to do list (honestly, a little too ambitious), 1 less knit project for it. Have come up with a theme for package 2.0.

Here is a project that has been lingering since January:

Poor flightless guy. Based on the Dorina Dragon pattern by Aussie Jean. This is an improvement. 🙂 It was
dragon pieces

Made some sleeve progress on SKP and the garnstudio cardigan. It’s been slow warming up here. I wanted my long sleeves!

et cetera